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Jan Jonkers passed away

By November 28, 2018August 27th, 2022No Comments

Unfortunately, we have to announce that our highly valued colleague Jan Jonkers passed away on November 27, 2018 at the age of 55. Unexpectedly, Jan suffered a very severe heart attack a week earlier and unfortunately passed away from the consequences. Jan worked for our company for almost 27 years and did so with dedication and pride. Initially in the logistics department and later he became a service engineer. He was the direct contact for our customers and took full care of the service and warranty of our products. He did this in such a way that our customers were full of praise. Of course we are still there for our customers but from now on this contact will have to be made through our office and we will do everything we can to continue in the same way as Jan did. We will greatly miss our always optimistic Jan and wish his family, friends and acquaintances a lot of strength with this unexpected loss.

A few days after Jan's death there was a wonderful column in the Brabants Dagblad about our Jan. Jan Jonkers, in Schijndel they called him Lange Jan. We are very proud of Jan.

Column Brabants Dagblad 30 November 2018 Linda Akkermans

Swapping homes to help a family. Long John did it

Sinterklaas is still in the country, but in Sint-Jan it already feels like Christmas. Joseph, Mary and their child have been dragged inside and many pigs are given a place in the famous nativity scene that is currently being built. This year's theme is charity.

Charity, loving one's fellow man and feeling co-responsible for the well-being of another, not necessarily someone you love. Doing something for someone without getting anything in return.

I thought about the people around me and who is a champion of charity. I came up with a nice ranking, forgot about it again and went about my farm. A little while later I had our mom on the phone and just before hanging up she said, "Oh, by the way, Long John is dead.

Lange Jan from Schijndel. The neighbor of an uncle. An uncle who single lived to be 66, because six months ago he suddenly found himself dead in his chair. A chair in the house that belonged to Lange Jan in the nineties.

Here's the thing. Still earlier, my aunt suffered a brain hemorrhage. She ended up in a care center and my uncle stayed behind with two adolescent girls. Bringing his wife home was impossible, because building on the small garden of that terraced house was not an option. Nowhere else in Schijndel was a suitable rental home available.

And then Lange Jan, until then just one of the many neighbors, said out of the blue: 'Then we just swap? You my corner house, me your house'. As if it were a pile of soccer or Pokémon pictures. But he was dead serious. Because if he could help like that...why not?

They traded homes. My aunt was able to live at home for another 25 years. Thanks to Lange Jan. Charity, the champion is known posthumously.