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Open Day Ernst Speedfeeder 80

By April 25, 2016August 27th, 2022No Comments

To celebrate the realization of the new barn of Maatschap Ernst in Borculo, an open day was organized on April 22, 2016. Through our dealer Eeftink-Rensing Barn Equipment, Verba was able to supply 66 pieces of Speedfeeder 80 model 2016 and we were also allowed to present ourselves during the open day.

Ernst chose the Verba Speedfeeder which are closed with a lid as standard. The lid ensures a reduction of fine dust in the stables during feeding. An additional advantage is that this measure scores extra points for the yardstick. Because the barn meets the requirements of the Yardstick of Sustainable Livestock Farming, Ernst may randomly depreciate the barn to € 400, - per pig place.

The feeders have a raised edge and bars in the tray to minimize food spillage.

The barn is very well finished and of a high standard. We wish partnership Ernst a lot of success with the new barn!

Report: link to report

Photos: link

Report: link to report

Speedfeeder 60 pig feeder