Verba star knob M8 with stainless steel thread inside


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Item number: 25c5008001-b4

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Verba PP Plastic Star Knob 45mm with Internal Stainless Steel Coated M8 Thread

The Verba PP plastic 45mm star knob with internal stainless steel-coated M8 thread is an essential component for adjusting our high-quality pig dry feeders. Made of hard plastic, this robust and durable star knob offers countless application possibilities thanks to its versatile design and high-quality materials.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable Material: The star knob is made of high quality PP (polypropylene) plastic, which ensures long-lasting durability and resistance to abrasion. The internal stainless steel coated M8 thread ensures a strong and reliable connection.
  • Versatile Application: Specially designed for adjusting pigs dry feeders, this star knob is also suitable for various other applications, such as in machine building, furniture manufacturing, and other industrial environments where a sturdy and reliable handle is needed.
  • Dimensions: The knob has a diameter of 45mm and an overall height of 30mm, making it fit perfectly in the hand and easy to use for a wide range of applications.

Applications and User Experience

In the agricultural sector, and specifically in pig farming, the Verba star knob is used for accurate adjustment of dry feeders. This ensures efficient feeding, reduces feed waste and improves control over feed quantities, contributing to animal welfare.

In addition, the star knob can be used in numerous other industries. In mechanical engineering, it offers a reliable solution for securing and adjusting machine parts. In the furniture industry, the knob can serve as a practical and aesthetic handle for adjustable furniture and appliances.


  • Material: PP plastic
  • Internal thread: stainless steel coated M8
  • Diameter: 45mm
  • Overall height: 30mm (15mm handle, 15mm swivel)