Sow dosers / Strawpellet doser

The VERBA sow doser type ZVV (pellet and crumb) and ZVVC (pellet, crumb and meal) is an ideal feed dosing system for any farrowing pen, where feeding to size is preferred. The sow is calmer and improves the working situation in your stable.

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  • With the ZVA and ZVAC, sows extend their feeding time and there is no feed spillage before and during farrowing.
  • The ZVA and ZVAC type is assembly on the inside (sow side) of the farrowing pen
  • ZVD is a sow feed dispensing valve made entirely of stainless steel - which is used for individual sows
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Warranty: 3 years on material and construction faults;
drinking nipples 1 year guarantee on construction faults.
Drinking nipples are single suitable for water, not for additives.

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During the lactation period, it is crucial that sows are in optimal condition. This is directly related to how feed is provided. Both for the sows themselves and for the health and growth of the piglets, accurate feed distribution is essential. With the VERBA Sow Doser, you are assured of optimal feed control and ensure the well-being of your sows.

Sow doser variants

The VERBA sow feeder is available in several variants, including the ZV type (for pellets and crumbs) and the ZVC type (for pellets, crumbs and meal). These sow feed dosing systems are designed to meet the specific needs of each farrowing pen, with custom feeding for sows being paramount. The quiet feeding experience significantly improves the work situation in the stable, while sows extend their feeding time without losing feed before or during farrowing.

The ZVV and ZVVC sow doser type is for mounting on the front (aisle side) of the farrowing pen. For the ZVV and ZVVC types, the sow trough must protrude at least 70 mm from the front of the farrowing pen. We also manufacture and can supply these stainless steel sow troughs.

The sow dosers of type ZVA (pellet and crumb) and ZVAC (pellet, crumb and meal) are designed to hang in the farrowing pen. These ZVA dosers are the most commonly sold because they are the most common type.

Sow dosing mechanism available separately

We also sell the mechanism from the sow doser separately as the ZVD15 valve. This stainless steel sow valve can handle all types of dry feed. In this valve you can hang your (transparent) drop tube, which you can then use as a storage bunker for the sow feed. The flapper mechanism allows the sow to feed herself with a slight movement of the flap. It is a very solid and inexpensive way of feeding in the farrowing pen and it works very well. The ZVD sow doser can also be optionally equipped with a stainless steel lid to cover the whole thing neatly. It also prevents as much as possible the entry of moisture from outside or saliva from the sow into the ZVD valve.

Also for straw pellets and alfalfa

The ZVAC37 sow dosers are also very suitable for pen enrichment and approved for feeding straw pellets for the German Animal Welfare Initiative(ITW). Straw pellets made from alfalfa or straw are increasingly used as roughage because pigs like to ingest them. In addition, straw has a positive effect on the intestines. This distraction also largely prevents tail biting. With the ZVAC feeder, pellets up to 15 mm in diameter and 30 mm in length can be dosed in smaller quantities. The pigs push against a clapper and the pellets fall out. The doser can be adjusted very precisely, allowing perfect adjustment of the portions so that nothing spills. For slatted floors, a stainless steel trough can be attached into which the material falls. We can also supply a plastic floor plate for floor feeding. The feeder is mostly stainless steel and can be used with piglets, fattening pigs and sows.

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