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The VERBA ZB sow feeder is the ideal tongue feeder for ad-lib feeding and is suitable for groups of 10-12 sows. The clever VERBA dosing tongue keeps the sows calm during eating and limits the amount they eat better than a dry feeder.
In large groups, different pig feeders can be used. The dry feeder can be very precisely adjusted so that the sows don’t overeat, and forces them to eat calmly. The adjustment facility is also ideal for daily rationing. The raised trough means that the sows can easily reach the feed and don’t leave feed residues. The trough stays nice and clean. Combined with the stainless steel DRN 4 drinking trough, this is the ideal solution for sows in group housing with ad-lib feeding. We recommend installing drinking troughs (preferably a DRN 4) at least 1 m away from the ZB. Further away is no problem.

For gilts we have the ZB feeder with lowered trough.

Guarantee: 3 Years on construction- and material faults; drinking nipples 1 year on construction faults.
The feeder must be mounted firmly at the back and should be fixed to the ground in a corner of the pen.

  • Very solid feeder suitable for groups of 10-12 sows
  • Rotary knob adjustment for very accurate and easy adjustment
  • White inner surfaces for the best feed intake and hygiene
  • 11mm highest quality, unbreakable plastic
  • Stainless steel waterpipe with drinking nipple optional
  • Trough manufactured from high quality type 304 stainless steel
  • Type 304 stainless steel strong omega reinforcement profiles at the sides
  • Constructed using very strong stainless steel rivets that will not work loose in the way that nuts and bolts do in the long term
  • Heavy weight feeder designed for long life


ZBC 2 Futterautomat Sauen Hog Feeder sows nourrisseur truie
ZB 2 Futterautomat Sauen Hog Feeder sows nourrisseur truie
ZB 2 lowered Futterautomat Sauen Hog Feeder sows nourrisseur truie
ZBC2 Lowered Futterautomat Sauen Hog Feeder sows nourrisseur truie

Detail Pictures

ZBC 2 trog detail
ZB Adjustment
ZBC2 Lowered trough
ZBC2 lowered valve
ZBC2 lowered inside


Type Model Food Type Volume Dimensions Animal Amount Animal Weight Mangers Nipples Order Number
ZB2 Single a - b 75 430 x 450 x 1300 12 20 - 260 kg 1 0 V00-0121
ZB2 Lowered Single a - b 75 430 x 450 x 1100 12 20 - 160 kg 1 0 V00-0122
ZBC2 Single a - b - c 75 430 x 450 x 1300, 33KG 12 20 - 260 kg 1 0 V00-0123
ZBC2 Lowered Single a - b - c 75 430 x 450 x 1100, 29KG 12 20 - 160 kg 1 0 V00-0128

The number of animals specified for each feed dispenser is an indication only and can depend on genetics, feed type, mineral regulations, legislation etc.

Food Type: A Pellet
Food Type: B Crumb
Food Type: C Meal
Food Type: D Meal mixed with max. 35% CCM and/or wheat, barley
Food Type: E Pulp

We are continuously improving our products, so designs are subject to change without notice and may differ from those shown or described in this brochure, photograph or text.

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