KZB VERBA family feeder for farrowing pens

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The VERBA KZB family feeder with special lowered trough is a very popular and unique pig feeder for farrowing pens for sows with piglets. It’s easily accessible for both sows and the nursery piglets. During their first weeks, the piglets learn to eat from the mother just like in nature. After weaning, the piglets no longer have to learn where to get their food from, and how the feeding trough works. The KZB feeder therefore has a low trough, and the dosing system is at a height that allows both the sow and the piglets to operate it. The best dose is 4 g per movement.
Guarantee: 3 Years on construction- and material faults; drinking nipples 1 year on construction faults. Drinking nipples are only suited for water, not for additives.

Customer E. with 120 x KZB family feeders: We wean at 28 days and 4 days after weaning we weigh the piglets. The weight of the litter is always around 117 kg on average. We always weigh 35 to 40 litters. We wean around 32 piglets per sow per year, but the weaning groups with smaller litters are often no lighter than the groups with larger litters.

- 1 Feeder for sow and piglets

- Manufactured from high quality type 304 stainless steel; Lapped and folded parts eliminate sharp edges
and strengthen wear points.

- ½” stainless steel water connection for the sow with male thread

- After a few days the piglets eat alongside the sow; saliva production starts

- No growth check at weaning

- Easy piglet transition from sows milk to solid feed

- Less pre-starter required

- Piglets reach target weight one week earlier

- At the end of the suckling period, the piglets are already used to solid feed

- Unique and very popular feeder for farrowing pens

- Best price/quality ratio in the market



KZB Farrowing pen family feeder

Detail Pictures

KZB trough family feeder farrowing pen
KZB free farrowing pen family feeder
KZB Farrowing pen family feeder
VERBA KZB family Feeder Kraamopfok Project Brummelhuis / Nijenkamp Stalinrichting B.V.
VERBA KZB Feeder Kraamopfok Project Brummelhuis
VERBA KZB Feeder Kraamopfok Project Brummelhuis
VERBA KZB en Pigletfeeder bijzonder Project Varkenshoff/Nijenkamp Stalinrichtingen
KZB en Pigletfeeder Project Varkenshoff/Nijenkamp Stalinrichtingen
VERBA KZB klepelbak vrijloop-kraamopfokhokken familie Brummelhuis
VERBA KZB feeder Varkenshoff Lemelerveld
KZB family feeder sow with piglets
VERBA KZB family feeder sow with piglets
KZB feeder Project V.d. Aker/Nijenkamp stalinrichting
KZB 2 Biovar Belgium biologic pig farm. Bron en eigendom beeldmateriaal: Biovar
Project Hopman/Nijenkamp KZB 2 400 mm breed
KZB feeder project ASD Belgium/Den Tweesprong Peeters
KZB feeder project ASD Belgium/Den Tweesprong Peeters
KZB Family feeder Germany
KZB Family feeder extra watering


Type Model Food Type Volume Dimensions Animal Amount Animal Weight Mangers Order Number
KZB 2 Single a - b -c 36 210 x 310 x 1150, 19 KG 1 x 25 5 - 260 kg 1 x 1 A00-0071
KZB 2 400mm Single a - b - c 45 210 x 400 x 1150 1 x 25 5 - 260 kg 1 x 2 A00-0072

The number of animals specified for each feed dispenser is an indication only and can depend on genetics, feed type, mineral regulations, legislation etc.

Food Type: A Pellet
Food Type: B Crumb
Food Type: C Meal
Food Type: D Meal mixed with max. 35% CCM and/or wheat, barley
Food Type: E Pulp

We are continuously improving our products, so designs are subject to change without notice and may differ from those shown or described in this brochure, photograph or text.

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