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The VERBA Mewaco pig feeder is made from a 100% stainless steel feeding trough and frame with a transparent feed hopper. The Mewaco pig feeder is suitable for use with meal, pellet or crumb. For perfect effectiveness and optimal feed convertion rates, the drinking trough with stainless steel drinker nipple is completely separated from the feeding trough. The Mewaco hog feeder hogs is available for fattening pigs / fatteners / finishers and piglets / weaners and is one of the best hog feeders available.
Guarantee: 7 Years on construction- and material faults; drinking nipples 1 year on construction faults. Drinking nipples are only suited for water, not for additives.

February 10, 2016: Mr. Schmidt from Germany, delivered through our distributor Lunzner: "The final evaluation showed that the growth each day was 918 grams in group 1, and that the growth each day in group 2 was even 1,010 grams. I'm very satisfied about the VERBA Mewaco. It is a true success!"

Mr. Richards from Clyst-St. Mary, England, September 2016:
Age and weight at weaning: 26 days; 7.5KG
Average weight after a age of 79 days: 36.9KG
Average growth a day after 53 days in total: 555 gr a day.
Source: La Gazette I-Tek

Click here for a very nice article about our pig feeders and especially the Mewaco Duo in PigWorld 2021

  • For large groups of fattening pigs or piglets
  • ½” stainless steel water connection, 2 drinking nipples (Mewaco) 3 drinking nipples (Mewaco Duo)
  • White transparent feed hopper, assess feed content from a distance
  • Ingenious anti-spill rim, prevents feed spilling and feed waste and gives the best feed conversionv (FCR)
  • Very long-lasting feeder with high own weight (Mewaco >29KG)
  • Standard 2 x 35mm stainless steel U-profiles
  • Spindle adjustment for very accurate and easy adjustment
  • Very strong complete stainless steel 304 dosing system and trough
  • Stainless steel partitions and bars separate the eating and drinking places
  • AHDB Feeder test: Scores best on both reduction of feed spillage and ease of adjustment
  • Best price/quality ratio in the market
  • Best average daily gain (ADG) troughout all phases of growth
  • Healthy and more uniform herd



Mewaco Feeder piglets
Mewaco fattening pig feeders
Mewaco Duo piglet Feeder
Mewaco Duo Rotary feeder fattening pigs

Detail Pictures

Mewaco hog feeding trough
Mewaco drinking nipple
Mewaco lid pig feeder
Mewaco Duo trough piglets
Mewaco trough piglets
Mewaco Duo lid pig feeder
Mewaco Duo lid pig feeder
Mewaco Duo lid pig feeder
Mewaco Duo pig feeder fattening pigs
Mewaco piglets/ Vereijken Hooijer
Option A00-4132: deksel, lid, Deckel, couvercle
Option A00-4174: RVS montagehoek, stainless steel mounting angle,  Edelstahl Bodenwinkel, equerre de
Mewaco piglets
Pig feeder Mewaco Duo
Mewaco Duo fattening pig feeder
Pig feeder Mewaco duo
Pig feeder Mewaco Duo Profile
Mewaco duo piglets feeder Project Dekker ET Trade
Mewaco Duo Piglets feeder
Mewaco feeder in straw stable


Type Model Food Type Volume Dimensions Animal Amount Animal Weight Mangers Nipples Order Number
Mewaco Farrowing piglets Double b - c - d 18 365 x 250 x 790 2 x 15 5 - 20 kg. 2 x 2 1 A00-4120
Mewaco Piglets Double b - c - d 140 615 x 360 x 1280, 29KG 2 x 20 10 - 40 kg. 2 x 2 2 x 1 A00-4125
Mewaco Fattening pigs Double b - c - d 140 615 x 460 x 1280, 29KG 2 x 20 20 - 120 kg. 2 x 2 2 x 1 A00-4127
Mewaco Duo Piglets Double b - c - d 275 1215 x 360 x 1200, 52KG 2 x 40 10 - 40 kg. 2 x 4 3 x 1 A00-4128
Mewaco Duo Fattening pigs Double b - c - d 275 1215 x 460 x 1200, 52KG 2 x 40 20 - 120 kg. 2 x 4 3 x 1 A00-4135

The number of animals specified for each feed dispenser is an indication only and can depend on genetics, feed type, mineral regulations, legislation etc.

Food Type: A Pellet
Food Type: B Crumb
Food Type: C Meal
Food Type: D Meal mixed with max. 35% CCM and/or wheat, barley
Food Type: E Pulp

We are continuously improving our products, so designs are subject to change without notice and may differ from those shown or described in this brochure, photograph or text.

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