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New ERBA deburring drum

By January 11, 2018August 27th, 2022No Comments

On January 10, De Ploeg Techniek from Helmond installed our new ERBA deburring drum. By using ceramic cones, compound soap, water and rotating this de-burring drum, we remove sharp edges and burrs from our stainless steel semi-finished products. Because we do this, during the installation, the mechanics cannot hurt themselves. When using the troughs, the pigs cannot hurt themselves by the sharp edges of our troughs because of this treatment. Moreover, the products also look better finished. We used to do this too, of course, but it was done entirely by hand with the sanding belt. This was a lot of monotonous manual work. Now we can use this capacity at a different location, which increases our total production capacity, but certainly also means that the monotonous work will be done by a machine from now on.

Deburring stainless steel with deburring drum