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Help cut feed waste

By November 3, 2016August 27th, 2022No Comments

By WniF editors

The latest Verba Vario-Mix dry feeder from Dutch manufacturer Verbakel BV is computer controlled to help cut feed waste and can now automatically add water to the feed.

The new unit, pictured above left, which is designed to feed 40 pigs (in one pen if placed centrally, or 20 each side if in the pen division), has a bar for the pigs to elevator to dispense feed, but this doesn't link directly to the dispensing mechanism. Instead, it send a signal to a computer that decides if food should be provided or not.

This prevents the pigs "playing" with the dispensing bar, too much food coming out, and the expensive product being wasted.

Up to 20 of the latest Verba Vario-Mix feeders can be linked to one controller, but at present all the units must share the same settings for how many times the feeder can be actuated in an hour, the quantity of feed dispensed each time and how much water is dispensed along with the feed - a new feature on the unit.

The company says a controller that can support different settings for each feeder is under development.

Verba has also launched a new piglet dry feeder, pictured above right, that's made to fit in the patition between two pens.

This latest unit incorporates a water dispenser that allows the water to be mixed with the food.

The Verba Piglet Feeder has a capacity of 10 litres and is designed to feed 25 pigs on each side from five to 20kg.


Entrance Verba feeders factory