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New VERBA brochure 2017

By December 6, 2016August 27th, 2022No Comments

We have released a new Verba brochure for 2017 as of December 2016. Last year we introduced several new products and made several changes to existing products.

The current brochure was dated March 2016. Thus, we have recently added a newSows dry feeder (ZD feeder)added to our product range. A very robust feeder with 3 years warranty. In addition, we have included ourKZB feederfeatured in the brochure. The KZB is a feeder suitable for the farrowing pen where both sow and piglet eat from together. In this way the piglets learn to eat from the mother, with which great results are achieved. The KZB is available in a fixed model and a height adjustable model. The feed bunker with flap can be adjusted to the desired height.

Verba continues to continuously innovate products to meet the demand and requirements of the moving market. Many ideas come directly from the market, as we are open to customizations that translate the needs of pig farmers.

The brochure contains 4 languages, Dutch, German, English as well as French.

All information about the feeders and related articles can be found on www.verba-pigfeeders.ie. If you are interested in the new brochure, Verbakel will be happy to send you one free of charge. The brochure can be requested via info@verba.nl .