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New: Removable trough at Pigletfeeder

By February 14, 2017August 27th, 2022No Comments

Since 2010 L. Verbakel B.V. produces the VERBA Pigletfeeder in its own factory in Sint-Oedenrode. The Pigletfeeder is a popular feeder for farrowing piglets equipped with a 10 liter feed bunker. Jeroen Gloudemans, director of L. Verbakel B.V., explains: "The Pigletfeeder is an easily accessible feeder for farrowing piglets and can be easily built into the partition wall due to the stainless steel frame. As a result, single 1 Pigletfeeder is needed per 2 farrowing pens, saving half the floor space compared to the traditional piglet bowl that is clamped into the floor. Because of the easy adjustment and the 10 liter storage bunker, the Pigletfeeder also provides a lot of convenience compared to these piglet bowls, which have to be refilled regularly."

Lately, VERBA has been receiving regular requests to produce an affordable version where the trough can be removed in a user-friendly way so that the trough can be easily cleaned.

"Milk products are very often given to the farrowing piglets through the trough of the Pigletfeeder. If one switches to dry feed in the same Pigletfeeder at a later stage, a good cleaning of the stainless steel trough is strongly recommended. We know from practice that this is not a popular and fairly labor-intensive job. From the market, the request came to us to come up with something on this at an acceptable price. We took up that challenge." continues Gloudemans.

"We thought about it very carefully with our people and had to modify our standard Pigletfeeder several times to arrive at this final model. In the end we succeeded to our full satisfaction and we can now produce this option at a low additional cost. We then had the Pigletfeeder extensively tested in practice. People were impressed by the ease of use and also by the minimal extra cost. The trough can be taken out very easily and then after cleaning it is also very easy to put back in and secure it with a simple movement."

Verbakel certainly does not shy away from customization and is happy to work with such requests. Gloudemans continues: "Because we produce everything ourselves in our own factory in Sint-Oedenrode we are able to respond quickly to such requests. Because people know that we are happy to work with them, they also know where to find us. As a result, we know at an early stage what the market wants and we are at the forefront of development. We also enjoy taking on such challenges, especially if the customer is positive about it afterwards, as was the case with this Pigletfeeder. Moreover, we all learn a lot from it. It happens regularly that we can definitively add such a new product to our range after extensive testing, such as this Pigletfeeder with removable trough".

At the LIV in Venray, Verbakel presents the Pigletfeeder with removable trough to the general public.

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Piglet feeder taken out trough