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New production hall L. Verbakel B.V.

By January 23, 2019August 27th, 2022No Comments

In 1971 L. Verbakel B.V. started making stable equipment and feeding troughs from Bert Verbakel's workshop at home. Because the company outgrew its premises, L. Verbakel B.V. moved to the industrial area in Nijnsel in 1978, where we are still located today. Over the years, adjacent properties and lots have been bought and built on in different phases. The last major renovation dates from 2002 when the offices and the RVS-hall were completely replaced. Because L. Verbakel B.V. continues to grow, but also its neighbor Marc Verbakel continues to grow with his company KLV (Kunststof Lastechniek Verbakel), it is necessary to replace part of the old halls by 1 large new hall. This hall will be approximately 60 meters wide and 40 meters deep, with a height of around 8 meters on the gutter side. We have been working on these plans since 2016.

In early 2018, an internal remodeling was started, creating more production space in the permanent hall. Then, around the summer, all machines were moved from the plastics department to the stainless steel department. Before demolition could begin, the sea containers and outdoor stock had to be temporarily moved to a storage area on the same industrial estate as ours. Then the old halls could be completely demolished. At the beginning of January this year, the foundations and piles for the new hall were placed and filled. Hereafter, the company Hardeman from Veenendaal will erect the hall.

We expect the new hall to be completely ready around April/May 2019. Since this new hall will primarily house stock, our large stock of PE plastic will be located inside instead of outside, as it has been for years. This will eliminate the need to acclimatize the sheets and will also allow us to accommodate a larger stock of feed hoppers that will improve production and delivery speed.

In order to make this possible we asked a lot of flexibility and cooperation from our colleagues and we are proud that they are cooperating fully. When the hall is completely finished in a few months' time, we will be able to look back with pride at what we have achieved together.

New hall under construction Verba