Verba produces various types and models of stainless steel pig drinkers as standard. The Verba drinking trough is very robustly made and they are entirely produced of stainless steel 304 and intended for a long life.

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  • Extensive range of products
  • Complete stainless steel 304, fully produced in our own factory in the Netherlands
  • Customization possible, the right drinker for every situation
  • Duo drinkers 2x1: incl. ½" stainless steel standpipe, 2 saddle brackets and Lübing drinking nipple included loose
  • Duo drinkers 2x2, 2x3 and 2x4: including ½" stainless steel circulation pipe, 4 saddle brackets and Lübing drinking nipples supplied loose
  • Single DBS and DRN drinkers: including nipple support and Verba long drinking nipple supplied separately, excluding stainless steel standpipe (available as an option)
  • ½" stainless steel pipe piglets 750mm, ½" stainless steel pipe fattening pigs 1000mm
  • Duo-drinkers: 35mm or 51mm U-profile possible
  • Easy assembly
  • Minimal water loss through deep trough
  • Highly durable drinkers with a long lifespan
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Warranty: 7 years on construction- and material faults;
Drinking nipples 1 year guarantee on construction faults. Drinking nipples are single suitable for water, not for additives.

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Verba drinking bowls

Verba produces various types and models of stainless steel pig drinking troughs as standard. Both in double (duo drinkers) and single variants. The Verba pig drinking trough is very robustly made and completely produced from stainless steel 304 and intended for a long life span. The pig drinkers are fully welded in our Dutch factory and can also be custom made if necessary. These pig drinkers are much more robust and have a longer life span than stainless steel deep-drawn pig drinkers whose thin bottom can be sensitive to acidified water. Little water spillage occurs with the Verba drinkers because the rim at the front is higher than with other pig drinkers, so the drinking nipple sits a little deeper.

Surface-mounted pig drinkers and built-in pig drinkers (duo drinkers) are available. From 1 to 4 drinking bowls wide. The pig drinkers are available for piglets, fattening pigs, gilts and sows. The Verba built-in pig drinkers, the so-called duo drinkers, can be built into the 35mm or 50mm thick partition wall and can be accessed by the pigs from 2 pens. If there are 2 or more drinking troughs next to each other on the duo drinkers, we supply a stainless steel circulation pipe with 1/2″ connection with stainless steel saddle brackets as standard. We also supply the stainless steel drinking nipples and they can be mounted yourself. The Verba drinking bowls are ideal to combine with the Verba pig feeders. The duo drinkers are often favorably priced compared to separate stainless steel pig drinkers and require fewer water connections. Because pigs see each other drinking from the duo-drinkers, this stimulates other pigs to drink as well. Seeing them drink, makes them drink.

The single pig surface-mounted drinking bowls come with a stainless steel nipple bracket and stainless steel Verba nipple. A down pipe and stainless steel saddle brackets are optionally available with these single surface mounted drinking bowls. We supply multiple single drinking bowls with stainless steel circulation pipe and saddle brackets.

Quality drinking troughs are indispensable in a pig stable. Pig troughs come in many shapes and sizes and with different drinking nipples. VERBA offers a wide choice of drinking troughs for piglets, fattening pigs, sows and boars. The drinking bowls are made of high-quality stainless steel and are characterized by high stability, long service life and hygienic surface protection. In the design, great attention has been paid to protection against contamination.

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