Variomix is a computer-controlled feeder for finishers and piglets. It was launched by VERBA in 1996.

There are different types and models of Variomix feeders for both dry and liquid feed. All Variomix models are computer-controlled with their own feed curve or connected to your system.

To find out more about how your farm can benefit and for a quote, please contact us and we will be happy to visit you in person.

Guarantee: 7 Years on construction- and material faults; drinking nipples 1 year on construction faults. Drinking nipples are only suited for water, not for additives.

Feeding liquid feed from Vario-mix or using a long trough to growing finishing pigs, Praktijkonderzoek Varkenshouderij, source Proefverslag nummer P1.206:

- The group fed using the Vario-Mix feeder realised a significantly higher feed intake.

- Groups fed a liquid diet using the Vario-mix feeder tended to require fewer veterinary treatments due to oedema-disease.

- With Vario-mix you need less floor space so there can be held 1 fattening pig more each box.

- More flexibility with equipping box with Vario-mix.

- To control the animals, you are not depending on feeding times with Vario-mix.

Adrie van de Pas says that he is going to replace the liquid feed troughs for the Verba Variomix. "This way I can use extra m2 for my animals. Instead of 4 times 8 animals I can place now 2 times 19 fattening pigs. Each year I can deliver 750 fattening pigs more in the same stable."

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Variomix farrowing piglets with round Trog
Variomix farrowing pen 5 kg straight trough
Variomix VBM 175 / Bestelnr: V00-0113
Variomix VMV 175 / Bestelnr: V00-0083
Variomix VMV 175 R

Detail Pictures

Variomix trough detail farrowing pen piglets 4 hokken
Variomix trough detail farrowing pen piglets 4 cabin
Variomix farrowing pen piglets bovenzijde
Variomix farrowing pen piglets bunker
Variomix trough farrowing pen trough detail
Variomix farrowing pen sensor detail
Variomix farrowing pen control detail
Variomix trough detail
Variomix trough detail
Variomix sensor detail
Variomix feedbunker
Variomix bovenzijde detail
Variomix bovenzijde detail
Variomix VMV 175 R trog detail
Variomix VMV 175 R trog detail
Vario mass doser
Variomix feeder fattening pigs
Variomix feeder fattening pigs
Variomix liquid feeder
Variomix feed computer
Variomix VMB175 computer controlled pig feeder
Variomix VMB175 computer controlled piglet feeder


Type Model Food Type Volume Dimensions Animal Amount Animal Weight Mangers Nipples Order Number
B 200 Double a - b - c - d 200 615 x 400 x 1300 2 x 22 15 - 40 kg 2 x 2 0 V00-0060
V 200 Double a - b - c - d 200 615 x 550 x 1300 2 x 22 20 - 160 kg 2 x 2 0 V00-0050
VMB 175 Double e 140 615 x 400 x 1280, 27KG 2 x 22 15 - 40 kg 2 x 3 0 V00-0112
VMV175 Double e 140 615 x 550 x 1280, 27KG 2 x 22 20 - 160 kg 2 x 2 0 V00-0082

The number of animals specified for each feed dispenser is an indication only and can depend on genetics, feed type, mineral regulations, legislation etc.

Food Type: A Pellet
Food Type: B Crumb
Food Type: C Meal
Food Type: D Meal mixed with max. 35% CCM and/or wheat, barley
Food Type: E Pulp

We are continuously improving our products, so designs are subject to change without notice and may differ from those shown or described in this brochure, photograph or text.

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